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Learning Quran has become much easier on Quran Tutor Live. We are an online platform offering our Quran teaching services for students all across the world. Quran is the message of Allah, and every Muslim man and woman must know how to read it properly with Tajweed. Here, at Quran Tutor Live, we have native Arab teachers who are well educated in Islamic Studies and would love to expand their services to you all.

Why should you learn Quran online?

The world is shifting towards digital technology, and it has made teaching much easier for both students and teachers. In the early days, kids had to travel to far off houses in their vicinity for taking Quran lessons, but now it's just a click away.

People also question why don't the parents teach the Quran to their kids by themselves? Such people should know that not every parent works from home or they might be busy to educate their child by themselves. Hence, they invest their time in finding the best online institute for their kid, so that he can take lessons while comfortably sitting at home without traveling.

An online Quran session consists of an interactive environment with the voice call and screen sharing that allows students to join a live Quran classroom. Our teachers are well-experienced and well-trained to manage online systems. If you have any queries regarding the online sessions or problem while coping up with it, our teachers can train you personally about that too. Also, we take care of Pardah in Online sessions. It enabled both male and female students to avail of our sessions. If you want to join in an only-girls session, we can put you up in that too.

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We are providing classes one to one so every student can a a customized course as per his needs.

Quran Courses

Kid & Adults
Apart from the basic Tajweed learning course, Quran Tutor Live also offers beginners a course where they can start learning Noorani Qaida to set their base.
Noorani Qaida Kid & Adults
Kid & Adults
Do you know that Quran reading is a skill that everyone is not aware of? It needs proper guidance and education for reading Quran with correct rules and Tajweed.
Quran Reading Kid & Adults
Kid & Adults
Memorization of the Quran is one of the most important and pious tasks. People who memorize the Quran are known as Hafiz-e-Quran. People who memorize...
Memorize Quran Kid & Adults
Quran Tafseer is one of the most important and interesting parts to learn while educating yourself about Islam and the Quran's teaching.
Tafseer Adults
Quran Tutor Live assists its student in enjoying the opportunity of learning Ten Qirat online with the best-experienced teachers....Read More
Ten Qirat Adults
Kid & Adults
Quran Tutor Live has introduced a course for students to Learn Quranic Arabic online. It is basically for beginners who are foreign...Read More
Quranic Arabic Kid & Adults
One on One 24/7 Online Quran tuition services with native Arabs

Key Features

One on One

Every student has different needs so we are providing one on one Quran lessons in which one teacher will teach one student at a time.

24/7 Customer Support

Like are services , we are available 24/7 at your service. If you need any assistance regarding your classes and invoice, you can contact us anytime.

Female Teachers

We have sister teachers for sisters and kids. All our classes are conducted in sister to sister and brother to brother mechanism.

24/7 Classes

We are providing classes all around the world 24/7. You can schedule your Quran lessons any time you want. So there is no barrier of timezone.

Native Arabs

Are are teachers are native Arabs especially from Egypt. Our teachers has command over Arab and English both so that they can deliver their best.

Online Portal

We have an online portal where you can find your classes, schedules, invoice records or lesson history and test results any time you want.
We are charging fee on monthly bases

Schedule & Fee

3 Days / Week

12 Classes/Month
$ 50
Per Month
  • 30 minutes/class
  • Any week three days
  • 39
  • A 68
  • Best for Basic Courses

4 Days / Week

16 Classes/Month
$ 65
Per Month
  • 30 minutes/classe
  • Any week four days
  • 60
  • A 89
  • Best for All Course

5 Days / Week

20 Classes/Month
$ 85
Per Month
  • 30 Minutes/class
  • Monday to Friday
  • 66
  • A 116
  • Best for Memorization

Saturday & Sunday

12 Classes/Month
$ 60
Per Month
  • 30 minutes/class
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • 47
  • A 82
  • Best for working Muslims
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All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose the gender of your teacher.
You can choose the time and day you prefer.
Yes, anytime.
An assessment would decide wither you are making an improvement or not.
First, contact us to have your free trial class. Then you can choose the plane and price that suits you and inform the administration to confirm the reservation.