Why we are different?

Why we are different?

Serving those who want to learn the Quran and the Arabic language is not easy to trust. When we decided to bear this trust, we prepared ourselves fully to carry this trust and developed ourselves as follows and any educational institution must contain the following:

01. Beginner level:

Introduction of the beginner level

It is for the student who does not know how to read or knows only letters.

The book that students will study from: El Qaida El Nourania

The number of the hours: The hours number expected for this level is 25 hours.

The goal of this level that the student should be expect from them to be able to:

01. Knowing all the letters and how to pronounce them correctly
02. Reading from the Quran
03. Differentiate between similar letters
04. Differentiate between movements

02. Second level:

Only the student who has completed the beginner level can move to this level.

This level Book: He will learn from the book Tajweed Rules Part 2 by Rania Habib.

The number of hours that expected for this book: If the student is going to study for an hour, half an hour of it for Tajweed will take 12 hours in total.

And if he will study for half an hour, it will be 15 minutes into tajweed, and he will finish this level after 24 hours, insha'Allah

The goal of this level that the student should be expect from them to be able to:

01. Reading correctly from the Quran
02. Full ability to apply judgments in reading

03. Third level:

For the student who has already completed theoretically and practically from the second level, and his reading is tested in the presence of the supervisor, and it is determined whether the student is eligible to move to the third level or not.

This level is for the study of letters' exits and their characteristics

The number of hours that expected for: 10 hours for the student who will study half an hour, but for the one who will study an hour, he will finish after 20 hours.

The goal of this level: after finishing this level he will be able to:

01. Knowing the exits of the letters and their correct pronunciation without melody
02. Completes the rest of the rulings of Istiatha and basmalah

04. Fourth level:

For the one that want Ijazah:

He does not enter this level unless he has been tested with knowledge of the rules of Tajweed and their application in theory and practice.

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