The Quran Plan

Quran Learning Plan

Due to the importance of studying the Noble Qur’an, a special curriculum for the Qur’an has been developed, which is divided into 3 sections:

01. Reciting the Holy Quran
02. Memorizing the holly Quran
03. The Holy Quran Ijaza

First, the Holy Quran Recitation:

It is after completing the book Fath Al-Rahman or Al-Qaida Al-Nuraniah and the student begins to recite the Qur’an under his teacher's hands.

Day Month Year Daily Reading Amount
01 12 Days 2 3 Half Page
02 18 Days 10 1 One Page
03 20 Days 5 1 Two Pages

Second, The Holy Quran Memorize:

The memorization begins after the completion of the complete recitation, and in this table, there is the explanation.

# Month Year Daily Memorizing Amount
15 Days 11 5 Three Verses
4 Days 7 2 Seven Verses
24 Days 11 1 Nine verses
24 Days 11 1 One Page
8 Days 10 0 Two Pages

Third, The Ijazaa System:

After completing the reading and memorizing, the student can obtain the Ijazaa, After completing the study of the theoretical provisions of intonation(Tajweed) and their application in practice, he can recite the Holy Qur’an by metaphysically or look at the Sheikh and take the Ijazaa.

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