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Peoples` response for us

Shahzad NY

"My name is Shahzad. I have 3 kids who were reading with some other company from 2 years but could not finish Quran. when i joined Quran Tutor Live, my wife finished 10 Chapters in just 6 months. excellent services of course."

Jacob MI

"I really appriciate the efforts of the tutors of Quran Tutor Live who helped me in recognizing the basic Quran rules for which i was striving for a long time time but i could not get success."

Huria UK

"My kids had very much difficulty in concentrating while reading but really thanks to the Qaris of Quran Tutor Live who got my kids indulged in class. really kids specialists."

Iman CA

"I finished Quran some time ago but i did not know its orders. I am reading tafseer with Quran Tutor Live and i have increased my knowledge of Quran to a very high level since i started with them."

Naheed AU

"My son had difficulty in reading. He had a medical deficiency in his early age. He started speaking very late as compared to other children of his age. I was very worried but when i was referred by one of my friends, i was very happy to see the improvement even after a very short time."

Ayan England

"Due to my busy routine, it was very difficult for me to find a suitable Quran tutor but I am very thankful to Quran Tutor Live which gave me the time flexibility and excellent services."

Neema CA

"My son started reading Holy Quran with them. Soon he was impressed by their teaching method that now he has started Quran memorization with them and is really progressing very much."

Suleman FR

"I took very short course of Hadith Jibreel with them but that gave me intensive push towards Islamic concepts and teachings. Thier short courses are really a unique opportunity for people who can`t be consistent for a longer period."