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Our Short Courses

Short Courses
Course Name Course Duration Total Classes in a month 1st Person Fee 2nd Person Fee
Hadith Jibreel 6 weeks 12 (3 days/week) $ 100/course $ 85/course
Seerat-un-Nabvi 10 weeks 12 (3 days/week) $ 130/course $ 120/course
Battles of Islam 12 weeks 12 (3 days/week) $ 160/course $ 135/course
Pillers of Islam 24 weeks 12 (3 days/week) $ 250/course $ 220/course


Though you don`t need to have any arabic speaking or reading skills but if you have, this will help you to better understand what you are listening.


This course is good for any muslim who wants to get the basic information about his/her religion. Different short courses will make you come more closer to your religion. At the end of any short course, you will have enough information on the topic that you can join an islamic conversation among people.