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Quran Reading Course

Quran Reading Course (more info)
Days/week Class Duration Total Classes in a month 1st Child Fee 2nd Child Fee
Plan A (2 days/week) 30 Minutes 8 $ 35/month $ 30/month
Plan B (3 days/week) 30 Minutes 12 $ 55/month $ 45/month
Plan C (5 days/week) 30 Minutes 20 $ 75/month $ 60/month
Sat & Sun 45 Minutes 8 $ 50/month $ 40/month


To join this course a reader does not need any specific knowledge because this our main course starts from the very basic teaching rules including the basic tajweed rules.


Quran reading is our main course in which students who can read the arabic will learn to read the Holy Quran or will improve their Quran Reading skills by getting the guidance and help from our professional tutors. At the end of this course, a student will be able to read the Holy Quran in a better way than his previous skills.