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Quran Memorization Course

Presence of an elder person is necessory for this course.

Quran Memorization Course
Days/week Class Duration Total Classes in a month 1st Child Fee 2nd Child Fee
Plan A (2 days/week) 30 Minutes 8 $ 40/month $ 35/month
Plan B (3 days/week) 30 Minutes 12 $ 65/month $ 55/month
Plan C (5 days/week) 30 Minutes 20 $ 80/month $ 65/month
Sat & Sun 45 Minutes 8 $ 45/month $ 40/month


Reader must be able to read the Holy Quran in a fluent and gramatically correct way according to the tajweed rules of Quran.


This is one of the most extensive course in which different classes will be arranged for student. Remember that this is very advance course and this course needs really serious dedication and hardwork and time. Before joining this course, please note that the provision of a parent of an elder is a must for this course.