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The Quran teaching online is useful?

Teaching online is very effective because it is a commitment to each student. In addition to your satisfaction, you can take three days off to complete to decide whether you want to continue with our test.

After class, can I review?

After each session, we will send the recorded video of the live lectures that would review the lesson.

What happens if I am not a computer expert?

No computer knowledge is required to take courses that basic knowledge of computer and internet is enough. We have in-house IT services to help you quickly and efficiently supported by the basic installation of the software and operation.

Only the Quran teaches?

No, we also teach other courses that Kalima, Salah and Dua etc.

What if I am online and my teacher is not there?

We have a very strict policy of on schedule. Please call the number or send an email to xxxx. Stringent measures are taken by the administration in order to avoid these drawbacks.

Do I should enter the credit card details to avail the test classes?

No, it is not necessary to enter the data of the credit card for test classes.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards and debit cards.

Is it possible to pay online?

Yes, it is possible to pay by bank transfer, check, bank transfer and Western Union.

Do I need to enter information about credit card for each time?

No, you do not need to enter your credit card each time. We promote safety with the online method. But in case, if you insist with your credit card over the phone about our special sales department will contact you.

What happens if I cancel my course?

You can cancel at any time by giving one month notice.

What resources are required to take lessons?

It requires that (a) PC or laptop (b) Internet Connection (c) headphones and microphone. For more information, please refer to our section "How it works" section of our website.

Do not have my personal Skype ID?

You do not have to give your personal Skype ID. Skype ID will be provided to student.