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Our Start

Quran Tutor Live was founded in 2004 in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a small "Madrasa" in a local city with the name "Al-Moallem."  

Our Objective

The main objective was disseminating knowledge of Islam and the Koran (Quran). Through the dedication and hard work, Quran Tutor Live has got really qualified Quran Tutors with most diversified nature of its kind.

Versatile Services

Since 2004, we have trained over 3000 students to recite the Quran in a very early stage. Most of our students were from 6 years to 10, which was the basis for the teaching method for young children. The services were expanded to the world in which every Muslim has the perfect opportunity to learn from experienced staff.

Our Credos

Each person is created in GOD's (ALLAH) hands in creating unique personality and abilities. Understanding the psyche and the ability of each new student is a key to the success of Quran Tutor Live.

Our Tutors

Our teachers understand the level of a new student and helps pay adequate attention during the Quran reading. One on one attention from a parent or guardian assumes the level of a student to a new height. We have qualified, expert and experienced tutors capable to motivate, teach and nurture the learner about Islam and its teachings. They have aspirations and aesthetics to deliver the real spirit of Islam into learners. We give student assignment to observe their concentration in the Holy Quran. Availability of qualified female tutors makes us different and outstanding from others. Nobody can achieve with lots of Islamic Courts in one place. Our support staff 24/7 is always on the line to help you in case investigations.

The tutors are chosen after careful and transparent criteria set by our management. Each tutor is under a deep three months training set before starting teaching to students. This gives the experience of our teachers before the experiment. All teachers are qualified Hafiz and Qari having a good knowledge of Islam and the Quran. Every tutor is fully tested and verified before selection makes our pure and original guardians. Regular training keeps our tutors on the right track, which is a lesson to improve their skills and teaching methods, the rate of passage. Our teachers are available 24/7 offers you the flexibility; the day and time that suits you most.